Fair few things been cracking on while the sites been down my deepest apologise but as long as Blogger decides to let me down at least 3 times a year and delete the blog ill keep having to find the time to sort it all out.
. . .  

Got loadsa collab tings going down since the EP release! two finished tracks with plenty more nearly there.

Tracks with Spitfire ft. STB by Towa UK
. . .  

Also big up our boy Benny Aves for all the sick work with internet rapping superstar Dan Bull!

 . . .
And on top of that we have two cheeky little videos for yous to watch so head over to HERE and get watching.

Don't forget to send in your sticker slapping mischief and also there's still a few T-shirts still going if y'all want one of those as well. SAFE!