XXX Wet and Fishy?

 You got it, Aquatic Porn.

 When my boy King Shotta said i got to check out some E-Rated wild aussie porn, i didnt expect it to literally be some E-Rated wild aussie porn. Fucking Australians...

"It’s a fantasy world - but real"
Yeah, good tag line.



Harden the Fuck Up

 Take a lesson from Chopper

Next Dancing

Once he pops, he cant stop. Wait for the drop at 02:44.

Small Town Boardman

For the lads

Update from the lads in thai.
"me and nicco went back to a hookers house and shagged them next to eachother. . . One each" - Moist. That was all.

Likely, Crikey, Mikey is a P...

 I apologize for how long its taking for edits to pop up. Any donations towards a new computer will be greatly appreciated. So heres this to enjoy until the time comes.

Bit Harsh...

 Being unemployed opens the doors to a whole world of opportunities. For example, being one of the first members of the public to witness bangin rap battles such as this.

Pat Stay vs Marvone 

Bought to you by King Of The Dot Entertainment

Inspiration for Motivation

 Anyone who keeps track of Ryen McPherson (Indecline), would/should know about his banging new project Stab the Princess. Forever making moves.
Film and Photography


Top 5

 What i've been blastin this week, shit excuse for a new post but i've had things on, whatcha gunna do. . .

TTask Force MFTC Vol 1+2
The IRS Speaks Volumes