Pumpkin Pie?

A cooking class with Flex Digits. Prison Planet

R.I.P Mr Saville

Not a good look.

 No better words to describe it

Uni Printer

Stole this off someones Facebook page. Couldn't let it go unappreciated.

Tax payers...

This is what your paying for me to do at university.
Spend my lectures watching things like this.


This shit literally had me in stitches.
Cant wait to here loads of tourists chatting like this.


Pronunciation Manuals version:
god im lonely

And that, is how its done

New Blog Layout

Things to come...
Video Edits (finally)
 T-Shirts (Soon available to buy from here)
 Tracks! yes STB Sounds coming soon 
Other Merch Eg, posters!? 
Blog out to become crisper.

The Owls Are Here!

After a long wait, its here....

Big Shouts to the High Focus Crew!

Soon Cometh

                                                           STB Fresher T-Shirt


Tony D kills it, no surprise! No.4 Should be a banger in all!

Everyone should be following this! - RapperTagUK

Snoop baw ci bio ci

You Reckon!?


 Mystro is on it with this! Next idea, lets hope it kicks off!
Follow Everything on Here!

 Peek the first two videos also.


Ramson Badbonez:



Perfect gift for the kids this christmas.


Aberrican Me.

This is a pretty next story from and about the skater Ross Capicchioni. Bit deep for the blog but I'd definitely recommend people watch it.
Ross Capicchionis story part 1
Ross Capicchionis story part 2
Shout outs to The Berrics and Ross, keep doing what you do!


STB T-Shirts

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Lunar C!

 Just keeps bringing it. Definitely one to keep an eye out for.