STB x Dan Bull

Our very own Benny Aves has just gone and done it!
Dan Bull on an Aves track, who knew?
. . . well we did, but i bet you never. Go on aves! tearing up that internet nerdy rap scene.

Didnt last. . .

But what a hero.


Drinking just got 2.6% better

Now we know.

Click the picture fools!


Enough of it about. 

STB too underground for MTV

On our first EP,
But still gonna make a fucking mark on the scene at a larger degree than most other MC's

Something to start the week off

Not to sure how i feel about this... 

The owls have landed!

100% Banger! so up for more of this, Big up High Focus!

Sticker Update.

New stickers... kinda, just an updated version of the old ones.