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This whole blog has been abandoned for some time now, however, after logging on today and seeing it still gets hits I'm going to give another try. . .

 First off, a couple of site updates:

 Our dudes over at Paranoid Mandroid have been associated with STB forever and this needed to be made more apparent. Therefore you can now find a link to their site somewhere over in that direction → → →
These guys have much more informative and interesting things to say than us so check'em out. Also keep an eye out for the t-shirts they have in the works. A couple of us have been lucky enough to get hold of some of them and there mad good!

 Don't forget to check out all the videos we make in the video tab above! STB Original Ben and myself have been very very slowly compiling all footage we have from over 10 years and we're finally getting somewhere. So be sure to give that a look into when we finally get a decent length video together.

 Its been looking quite at the camp recently but actually some undercover works been steadily progressing. JPEG has been non stop writing, recording and being productive with Aves and the new tunes his got on the way are some of his best yet. Accompanied but some lovely looking visuals, you should all be expecting some crazy stuff from the man soon!

Here's his most recent video that has only just been added to the site:

Video by:Max Palmer

 Peg's not the only man putting the work in, I've been constantly updated with new tracks from all the lads and as bias as it is to say, the music coming through the dropbox is on another level to anything we've put out before.

 Cant upload anything just yet but as soon as its done it will be available for a listen to all of yous. Lots of collaborations on the new release too, with a track or two featuring good friends from Motion Enterprise.
The last M.E / STB track sounded exactly like this:

 The site should be getting hit with updates from all directions from now on, so keep checking back and checking out what we have to share.

 In the mean time for anything STB related and for more info, hit us up at:


Tyler, The Creator - Domo 23

Each and every video is huge!