Swede's up for a bit of Top 40 fingering

 With full backing of STB we all hope that Buttery Biscuit Bass pisses all over the top 40. Hit up the facebook HERE for updates. This is a ridiculously hench tune and i expect everyone, employed or not, to be purchasing their own digital copy.

Live This RLD!

 Never posted any music up so its about time i broke the trend! Here's yet another absolute banger from High Focus! So sit back, Turn up the volume and witness the Leafdog! BOOM!!

Boredom Fam!

 Yaoww!! bout time i showed some love back to my top friendly blogger!
Pelley has been so much more dedicated to the blog thing than me. So you all need to check out his blog Ghetto Hooners to keep up to date with any type of Hooning that's occurring in the south and surrounding areas.

As a new addition to the friendly fam blogs! My boy Nicco skatted out half a year ago and went missing, only to reappear again to announce that our other mate Rory drugged him up and took him to Thailand were he sold him to a couple of lady boys, and thats where he remains earning money by working the streets for his ladyboy pimps, till he earns enough money to come home. Since then Rory has gone on a runner and was last spotted picking fruit in France dressed in nothing but sporting a Hillary Clinton mask. But yes check out the friendly blogs section to have a peek at Niccos journey in the Southeast reaches of Asia. Out!


 Nah! couldn't be pulling more of a mental, just letting any STB follower know that its gonna a be a while. All editing software is on a complete spack with my computer, I sincerely apologise to you all, but there's shit all you or anyone else can do about it so, suck a fuck, man up and be patient. However if you all subscribe HERE! you'll be the first in line to see the shit hot video that will eventually make its way onto your monitors.

 In the mean time have a gander at this. Im a proper shocker at computer games (unless you've got a copy of bomberman2 on the SNES), but this! This! would make me procrastinate till i lost any sort of life I'm holding onto.

Monkey See . . .

 Yada! Only a week late now, but when my computer stops skatting out you'll have a NASS post! but yes, in the meantime peek this. Cheeky little Ape goes on a proper dinny one.

Do you act Like a freak!

 Yes, this boy definitely knows how to act like a freak! big up Dike and the crew.
STB Nass post coming soon, keep your face peeled!

Graffiti Warriors

Has the buff squad been active in your neighborhood? Unwanted private companies making money with taxpayer dollars removing graph in your hood? Well maybe it’s time you called the Graff Mobile at 1800-MADTAGS.

 Everything mans need to get up in any town!

Courtesy of 12ozProphet

Dont Flop South R1!

 Although we were dreggin proper hard from the night before. I finally got to a Dont Flop.
Proper mad day and will be making sure i get to the next round.
STB and GH reppin that Dont Flop.

Big up Verb T and Scizzahz! they killed it! along with this lad that goes by the name of Zain Azrai.
Photos courtesy of Jessica Lam


 What a banger, still picking up the pieces and putting it all back together. Pictures don't really do it justice but ill do my best.
Reckon the best place to start would be to here (at the beginning)....

 So Will, Pelley (GH), Moist and Myself, decided to go to London on Friday to apparently get so rowdy were in danger of embarrassment. We all met at the station and and got on the first train to the end of the line. While making the most of the public transport provided, it was only a matter time and beers until the Wet-one would come out with a cracker.

 So by 19:16 after Moist had already got proper excited about thinking that Defoe decided to get a train from Haslemere (or somewhere shit like that) and we had also decided to attempt to make a diary of the nights events. It wasn't until we got a good three quarters of the way there he then realised that, and quote "we are definitely getting closer". . . and only then did the night truly begin.
 We eventually arrived at Bens and i can safely say ive never been on the tube with any brehs who bricked it as much as these lads. . . full blown skattin. But we made it there safely and got off the DLR just in time to bump into the Shadwell Massive. As you can see the diary went to shit when we left Bens and slacked off the whole idea. . . but the pictures came in abundance.

Yaow! and just before we left to tear up the pub...shit officially hit the fan. We found out the camera had full blown spacked out and done this for us...

 Proper longing this post out now. . . so ill try wrap it up. Basically, we ended up rocking to one pub in the entire night where before we even got threw the door got turned away... little did the bouncers know that the joint brain knowledge of STB and the GH fam is not something to challenge and before they knew it we were through the back entrance...well most of us, i didn't get the plan and managed to become a straggler and ended up running in late (looking behind me to check to see if anyone saw us) doing this far to quickly for my own good smashed straight into the jukebox. Before i knew it my hoodies hood was being pulled out of the pub with me attached to it.... and there i sat, soon to be joined with the rest of the crew. HOWEVER! like i said the brain power of STB is not something to take lightly and within Five minutes we were back in with the only condition being that we didn't get "wavy"...

 But we were in, drinking and apparently not getting wavy so everyone was happy. At this very point in the night is where and when we met... Honest John, and jesus! was this man honest. So honest that he bought Ben a pint not, i repeat not, to try for a second time to smash a bottle over his head. He was a proper team player and didnt even batter a single eyelid when Pelley started using his hooning charm to try and seduce his wife and daughter.

 After making The Honest Jhon Familys holiday one to remember. We were soon turfed from the pub and left to tear up the Capitals streets. . . this consisted of a mixture of getting bare shout outs to STB and GH and many a peeps saying Next Level! on camera, Getting Moist some 24hr Subway and picking up off 7-10 of the most shady looking characters in London. . .only to be shouted at by a homeless bloke telling us we shouldnt converse with this certain shady group as they will probably be back to swipe our wallets and camera. . .but Will gave him some chips and he done legs. . .

 We all jumped on the most hectic night bus ive ever been on and to Shadwell we soon arrived to all get more intoxicated and eventually bunk up for the night to get some kip before arising and heading to Brixton for Dont Flop Times change South. (Pictures up soon).

Big shout outs to Ben for having us and to Jhon for be extremely honest.

oh yeah, Ben and Will jumped out of Bens window leaving Will skatty and Ben stinking all night of the year old mouldy cheese he landed in. HA!