Boredom Fam!

 Yaoww!! bout time i showed some love back to my top friendly blogger!
Pelley has been so much more dedicated to the blog thing than me. So you all need to check out his blog Ghetto Hooners to keep up to date with any type of Hooning that's occurring in the south and surrounding areas.

As a new addition to the friendly fam blogs! My boy Nicco skatted out half a year ago and went missing, only to reappear again to announce that our other mate Rory drugged him up and took him to Thailand were he sold him to a couple of lady boys, and thats where he remains earning money by working the streets for his ladyboy pimps, till he earns enough money to come home. Since then Rory has gone on a runner and was last spotted picking fruit in France dressed in nothing but sporting a Hillary Clinton mask. But yes check out the friendly blogs section to have a peek at Niccos journey in the Southeast reaches of Asia. Out!