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Scissortongues Album soon come! 

Real talk.

"Throw it up! then once its up there, it just goes wherever you want it. . .where it wants to go. You know what i mean?"

. . . no, no we don't

Wasted People Say the Funniest Things.

Big Up Shadrack and the Mandem

Watch to the end, Bahaha

Tupac Live 3D

Tupac Live 2012 At Coachella with Snoop
Technology is next!


New track from Sketchster and Kadenza featuring Small Town Boredoms own Jonny Peg and Ken B! Let us know what you reckon and share if you rate it. Or if you don't. . .

Beastie Boys Revisited

This is some of the funniest shit I've seen in ages! check out Fight For Your Right Revisited, featuring far too many names to type down! 100% worth a watch, Kick It!

Snoop DOdoubleG! Smokable book.

Mans only gone and done it, Snoops made a lyric book filled with classics. . . that of course you can smoke up after.

Gully gully gully gully

4-Year-Old Producer.
Nipper kills it!