This man...

Is the man you chose to follow. . . managed to accumulate an army of followers in just a few days under is money guzzling, Christianity injected, propaganda video, Kony 2012.

However he now spends his days smacked out on acid roaming the streets, tuggin one out.

I give you . . . Jason Russell. 

Pirate Bay!

The Dan Bull and Benny Aves track has got itself on the homepage of The Pirate Bay.


This is not what you need after a one nighter with some lass. Bitchiscrazy!
This Is What Crazy Looks Like Via Text Messaging... by Fletch And Vaughan

Mark diss track - MC Disturbance

MC Disturbance bringing the heat to step dad Mark. "They were my poos, Faggot! Thanks for cleaning it up" I wait impatiently for a reply.

Third Arm

[EDIT]... As the first image got deleted i found this one to make up for it.

[EDIT]... first image came back. . .

High Focus on it again.

Never seen Fliptrix move so quick! This video for the banging track 'Wylin Out' is saoooo good! one for the repeat button trust!

Dan Bull - Bye Bye BPI

Dan Bull X Benny Aves!
Safe one to Dan for the shout at the beginning! Beat sounds sick with him on it!.


Big Stig at it again. Featuring artwork from Alex Young, Big up to both men!

Like a bat out of hell

String-less rendition of the Meatloaf classic.